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Traffic Tiers

At Danari Media, we work with many advertisers of all shapes and sizes who organize their traffic in many different ways. Some create a single feed and ask us to send all CPC tiers there, while others send us a feed for each individual tier.

We can work with you regardless of your approach to organizational methodologies. We believe that knowing how your publishers organize their traffic can make a difference in the way you set up your advertiser feeds.

We offer four general feeds, covering the tiers of CPV and of CPC in our Low, Mid, and High tiers. Although our system and analysts focus great efforts in evaluating and understanding each source of traffic, we prefer to start with what publisher themselves think the quality is. Using this four-tier method allows us to start the relationship with a level of trust and ramp up quickly and efficiently.

We also have exclusive Premium and SuperPremium tiers. These select tiers are special case relationships that would not normally fit into the general tiers.

To learn more about our traffic tiers, please contact us today to speak with one of our traffic specialists.

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