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Ad Networks

Danari Media is a premier advertiser network trusted by hundreds of leading publishers and publisher networks to deliver an average of 12 million clicks daily. Our network is comprised of traffic from every major international geographic region, and we deploy best-of-industry traffic scoring technologies to ensure the highest quality feeds.
Customized Feeds We filter traffic so you don't have to. The Danari system features a highly customizable back end that enforces any requirements you want to impose. You can rely on us to configure your feeds so that we only send good clicks your way, from geographic regions you designate.
Customer Service
Great results are only part of the equation. We believe that open communication and honesty are vital to creating great business relationships. Our team members are always here to answer questions and make any adjustments you need. Need a change in volume, a block list enforced, a filter added or removed? Just call, and we'll take care of your request promptly.

We welcome new XML feed advertiser relationships. Contact us to learn more.

"It's been great journey with Danari Media. It's been more than a year since we started our relationship and it has endured the test of times. We've worked together..."