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The Danari Media Advantage

XML Feed Network By Danari Media

Danari Media Advantage When you choose the Danari XML feed network, we leverage our strengths to maximize your traffic and your investment.

Customized Feeds
We do not take a cookie cutter approach to feeds; each feed is individually mapped to meet your specific traffic requirements. This customization allows us to exercise a zero-waste policy and send your traffic only to those advertisers willing to bid for your traffic.

Ongoing Optimization
Nothing in the world of XML feeds is ever static-advertisers and publishers make changes every day and at all hours. That's why we optimize feeds on a daily basis to make sure you don't lose out on potential revenue. The Danari Media data warehouse contains massive amounts of historical data, which allows us to understand the industry as a single entity, much like a stock market. Our in-house optimization experts are constantly working on your behalf, and the Danari system automatically optimizes your feeds to adapt to the ever-changing XML feed landscape.

Advertiser Diversity
Our robust advertiser marketplace is highly diverse. We partner with advertisers from all over the world and in many different categories. We work with smaller niche advertisers as well as huge advertisers that are incredibly diverse in their own inventory. This diversity gives us a lot of power and control when it comes to effective monetization strategies for your traffic.With feeds for all types of traffic, we're able to create a true Meta marketplace of XML feeds for your traffic.

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