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Frequently Asked Questions

The size and diversity of our network enables us to provide you with precisely the type of traffic you want. Ask for the traffic you need, and we'll deliver exactly that.
We have an extensive list of automatic filters and internal traffic-scoring algorithms, and we also use multiple third-party traffic-scoring services. Most importantly, Danari Media team members work directly with advertisers to evaluate the traffic they receive.
We have tight control over query volume and as an Advertiser we can send you exactly what you want and in a throttled manner throughout the day. As a publisher we can handle any volume you are capable of sending us. We like to start off small and build the volume up as we verify things are working in acceptance to everyone involved.
Great feeds, high-paying advertisers, and payments that are timely and consistent. We're proud of what we deliver.
The Danari Media team is very hands-on. We're constantly assessing our activity, our technology and the performance of our staff to ensure we're optimizing your account in real-time.

"It's been great journey with Danari Media. It's been more than a year since we started our relationship and it has endured the test of times. We've worked together..."