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The Danari XML Feed Marketplace Our Feed Marketplace is comprised of hundreds of premium advertiser feeds, each competing to earn your click. Thanks to our vast inventory, we're able to provide you with exceptional feed coverage in virtually every major geographic region around the world.

Here are just a few of the advantages you gain by choosing Danari Media:

  • 70% Revenue Share: We do more than offer some of the highest CPC rates for your traffic, we also give you the incentive of a 70% revenue share. This payout is just one step we take to give you the highest possible bids and earn your business. Sign up today to start generating your share.

  • Advertisers Bid For Your Traffic: We map each publisher account to multiple advertiser feeds and constantly optimize the system to ensure you get only the most profitable ad units for your traffic. The advertisers in our network are extremely competitive and eager to earn your clicks.

  • SubID Optimization: We recognize that traffic comes from many sources, which is why we optimize each individual SubID to achieve maximum return on your investment. Our intelligent AcuVu® system, along with your dedicated account representative, ensures that your feeds are constantly optimized to take full advantage of the ever-changing ad inventory.

  • Customized Feeds: Our seasoned traffic analysis team uses our AcuVu® system to analyze your traffic an ongoing basis and customizes your feeds to deliver the best possible level of service. We maintain open communication with you to ensure your feeds are always configured for maximum results.

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