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We know that publishers value consistency, predictability and honesty when it comes to final payouts. That's why, at Danari Media, we take deep pride in our track record for timeliness and actual amounts.
You probably know how it works. A publisher sends a click to an advertising network, and the advertiser must pay the network for that click. Once the advertiser pays the network, the network can then pay the publisher. A delay at the advertiser level creates a delay all the way down the pipe.

We believe the best way to avoid common delays is to be highly selective about who we do business with. We only work with advertising networks who historically pay us consistently, predictably and honestly so that we can pay our publishers in a timely way.
Charge Backs
Another common industry problem is the charge back, when an advertiser decides, for whatever reason, that they do not want to pay the network for that click. Here again, we're able to tackle the problem by being selective in who we work with. By having strong relationships with reputable businesses, we're able to minimize charge backs to a workable level or eliminate them all together. If an advertiser issues us a charge back at an unacceptable rate, we stop working with them. Period.

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