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XML Search Feed Implementation : Danari Media

simple xml integration At Danari Media, we offer feeds in an easy-to-read XML structure. In general, you query our system with your Danari Feed URL, and we return an XML document that you implement into your end source. From there, you can:

  • Parse the XML document and place individual ads anywhere on our Web page
  • Implement the Danari Feed directly into your advertiser/publisher network and re-distribute it to your partners
  • Extract ads from the Danari Feed and make them available to a mobile device or desktop application.
  • Use our search results as additional content for your search engine.

PPC XML Feed Implementation By Danari Media

There are many different ways to implement the Danari Feed, and they type of feed you request determines that options that are available. We're always here to answer your questions, please contact customer support to get more information.

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